Clearer or more clear

Clearer or more clear

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  • I admired every order as it came through
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    Clearer or more clear 14373

    becoming more and more evident

    more clearly

    More clearest – clearest already means the ‘most clear’, and you can’t get and clearer than that, so you cannot have ‘more most clear’

    “Terry Lovell has explained in a simple and clear way how unmanageable the relation between the commercial and the entertainment value of mass culture can be


    When is it grammatically correct to use “more clear” in place of “clearer”? 1

    In this sentence, it appears as though Dream is a proper

    Clearly, clearer is more clear in terms of the natural choice based on the syllable rule of grammar

    Jan 12, 2017 · Neha is more beautiful than Sima

    EXAMPLE :- Happy - happier - happiest So, I think clearer is correct and more clear is incorrect

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    Frequency of use: clearer than is twice as common as more clear than, although both are common

    But on the other hand, there is also the set phrase clearer than day

    ” Use more clear when, for example, complimenting someone: It could not be more clear